About Law Well

LAW WELL Group (LAW WELL Audit and Consulting Group) was created in 1998 in order to provide a comprehensive range of legal, audit and consulting, and business development facilitating services based on unified quality standards.

LAW WELL Group includes:

LAW WELL Legal Agency LLC – litigation support; enforcement; transaction support; corporate restructuring; corporate governance; corporate disputes; assets preservation.

LAW WELL Audit LLC – audit; accounting, tax, and legal consulting. Tax burden optimization; tax support of transactions; corporate taxation; interactions with tax authorities; international taxation.

LAW WELL Appraisal LLC – asset appraisal; cadastral value assessment; appraisal for bank pledge purposes; appraisal for RAS and IFRS reporting purposes; property and state property appraisal; feasibility study and investment memorandum preparation.

1 Priority of the client’s interests
2 Mastery of business specifics in various industries
3 Assurance of quality
4 Confidentiality
5 Responsibility
Our Advantages

Law Well Audit and Consulting Group generates its service strategy based on the individual characteristics of clients specializing in various industries.

Owing to the high level of professionalism, competence, and focus on best results, Law Well guarantees that every task set to it will be analyzed in detailed and the resolved in the way most beneficial for the client.

By uniting professionals and field experts into a single team, Law Well provides services complying to the highest quality requirements, satisfying the standards and regulations of the current legislation and bona fide business ethics.
In view of each project’s uniqueness, Law Well offers various forms of cooperation based primarily on the client’s needs.