About us

About the Group

LAW WELL Group (LAW WELL Audit and Consulting Group) was created in 1998 in order to provide a comprehensive range of legal, audit and consulting, and business development facilitating services based on unified quality standards.

LAW WELL Group includes:

LAW WELL Legal Agency LLC – litigation support; enforcement; transaction support; corporate restructuring; corporate governance; corporate disputes; assets preservation.

LAW WELL Audit LLC – audit; accounting, tax, and legal consulting. Tax burden optimization; tax support of transactions; corporate taxation; interactions with tax authorities; international taxation.

LAW WELL Appraisal LLC – asset appraisal; cadastral value assessment; appraisal for bank pledge purposes; appraisal for RAS and IFRS reporting purposes; property and state property appraisal; feasibility study and investment memorandum preparation.

LAW WELL Audit and Consulting Group today is a team of highly proficient specialists united by long years of successful practice providing audit services, as well as legal, financial, and tax consulting services in Russia, the CIS, and the EU.

LAW WELL Group representatives closely cooperate with many government agencies: City Property Department, Construction Department, Science, Industrial Policy, and Entrepreneurial Business Department. The Group has successful experience of working with the Federal Agency for State Property Management (Rosimushchestvo).

LAW WELL Audit and Consulting Group is a member of the Russian Audit Chamber, Sodruzhestvo Auditor Association, NKSO Self-Regulated Organization, Russian Society of Appraisers, Siberia Self-Regulated Organization.

LAW WELL Audit and Consulting Group possesses an ISO 9001 (international management system standards) compliance certificate.

LAW WELL Group is distinguished by deep industry expertise, high quality of professional solutions, own methodological materials development, and focus on long-term cooperation.

Our clients represent key industries of the economy – from oil and gas industry and power engineering to pharmaceuticals industry and telecommunications.

LAW WELL Group is the owner of Moscow National Investment Bank (financial institution).


1 Priority of the client’s interests
2 Mastery of business specifics in various industries
3 Assurance of quality
4 Confidentiality
5 Responsibility