Independent appraisal is one of the most complicated consulting services provided by Law Well on a professional basis and in line with the Federal Appraisal Standards and the legislation of the Russian Federation on appraisal activities aimed at determining market value of the most high-demand objects: business, real estate, machinery, equipment, vehicles, property and and non-property rights. Appraisal reports generated by Law Well experts constitute legally relevant documents that can be used in any authorities or organizations.

Law Well performs high-quality multifactor valuation of businesses of any forms of incorporation and in any areas of economic activity, taking into account all the price components: real estate, machinery and equipment, vehicles, financial investments, intangible assets, earning power, and competitive market position.  In general, business valuation constitutes determination of the value of all the company’s assets in terms of three areas – market price, investment attractiveness, and salvage value.

Real estate appraisal includes expert valuation of the following types of objects: property portfolios, apartments, cottages, premises, buildings, commercial real estate, construction in progress, industrial and public facilities, as well as land plots where they are situated.

Appraisal of machinery, equipment, and vehicles constitutes research of value of specific movable properties: industrial machines, assembly lines, devices, tools, computers, office appliances, motor vehicles, special purpose machinery, other transportation means, furniture, etc. Law Well experts take into account state of the equipment, amount of wear, cost of comparable property, compliance with standards, and current market demand.

Law Well performs appraisal of intellectual property items widely represented in commercial activities: trademarks, licenses, patents, brands, copyrights, business reputation, service marks, inventions, utility models, know how, computer applications and software.

Law Well specialists provide the service of assessing leasing fees  for retail, office, warehousing and industrial premises, buildings, structures, land plots, equipment, and vehicles.

Cooperation with Law Well will allow you to get high-quality and competently developed valuation relying on current and accurate data and fully aligned with stated objectives. All appraisal works are performed within the strictly determined deadlines and at the highest professional level