Law Well offers its clients a full range of high-quality audit services fully compliant with the Federal Auditing Standards. The range of services provided by Law Well includes, but is not limited to:

  • RAS (Russian Accounting Standards) based accounts auditing
  • Special audit and associated services: tax accounts audit, business review, legal consulting and representation, cost audit, HR audit, inventory services, general review.
  • IFRS services: IFRS reporting audit, IFRS-based transformation and consolidation of reports. These services allow to comply with the requirements of Federal Law dd. 27.07.2010 No. 208-FZ “On Consolidated Financial Accounts” concerning accounts auditing in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards and provide the opportunity to enter world financial markets and disclose information important for investors.
  • Financial, tax, and legal Due Diligence Due Diligence is a procedure for generating an objective picture of an investment, including assessment of investment risks associated with the investment object, comprehensive check of the company’s financial status and market position. This service is aimed at exhaustive research of legitimacy and commercial profitability of a planned investment transaction, avoidance of maximum mitigation of entrepreneurial risks in order for the acquired asset to provide benefit for the client.
  • Tax consulting: tax planning and tax risks management, tax expertise of transactions and identification of tax reserves, support of on-site and desk tax audits Allows to identify and timely eliminate tax risks, prevent claims and sanctions on the part of tax authorities, and, most importantly, safeguard company management against administrative and criminal responsibility.
  • Management consulting: management accounting audit, management accounting organization, budgeting, management consulting, in particular associated with business restructuring.

Upon audit completion, Law Well clients also get practical recommendations on internal control system, competent keeping of accounting and tax records.

Law Well experts help not only to improve the quality of external financial reports of the client company, but also to adapt to the current requirements of Russian and international legislation, and achieve a high level of management and administrative culture and business ethics.