Automation of accounting

Automation of accounting constitutes introduction of software intended to improve the speed and efficiency of document workflow, key business processes accounting, and company management.

Law Well offers setup, comprehensive maintenance and upgrading of accounting, tax, management, HR, warehousing and other record-keeping automation systems for companies operating in various industries.

  • 1C: Accounting 8 (basic version, CORP version)
  • 1C: Simplified Tax System 8, 1C: Entrepreneur 8
  • 1C: Accounting of Autonomous Institution 8 (basic version, CORP version)
  • 1C: ERP Enterprise Management 2.0
  • 1C: Comprehensive Automation 8 – management, accounting and tax records for a wide range of business enterprises.
  • 1C: Manufacturing Enterprise Management
  • 1C: Accounting in Housing and Utility, Housing Cooperative, Housing Association Management Companies
  • 1C: Small Business 8 (basic version) – small business operational management automation solution
  • 1C: Construction Organization Management
  • 1C: Accounting for Public Institution 8
  • 1C: Holding Management 8
  • 1C: Enterprise 8. Accounting for Construction Organization.
  • 1C: Payroll and HR Management 8 – supports basic HR management processes, HR accounting, payroll calculations, etc.

Law Well’s service of comprehensive maintenance for accounting automation systems includes consultations on customer-specific selection of 1C-based software, its delivery and installation, customization for the client’s specific activities and objectives, and subsequent support of the implemented automated system. Law Well specialists are ready to research the company’s needs, train its employees in competent software operation directly at their workplaces, adapt document forms for the client’s requirements, assist in collecting industry and corporate reports, develop unique user manuals, and integrate the software with other applications.