Consulting Services

Law Well’s group of financial analysts, anti-crisis management experts, and experienced managers provides professional consulting services featuring comprehensive diagnostics of your business and recommendations aimed at development and support its performance enhancement strategy. Provision of such services is based primarily on assessment of the company’s existing internal and external situation: the aspects considered include its financial standing, internal organization system, mechanism of interactions with contracting agents, analysis of the market and the client’s business domain, etc. Law Well provides consulting services both in the form of comprehensive support and on one-off basis with respect to specific issues arising in the course of business operations.

  • Accounting consulting on accounting and tax reports generation, accounting and document workflow automation, support of specific accounting transactions, development of a company’s accounting policies, financial reports transformation in line with international standards.
  • Investment consulting on improving investment attractiveness and developing investment project business plans.
  • Tax consulting on tax optimization, tax planning, tax audit, tax risks assessment, generation of a system of measures for interactions with fiscal authorities, resolving other taxation issues.
  • Financial consulting on financial planning, improvement of the company’s economic indicators, enhancement of financial and operational performance, resource utilization efficiency improvement, and cost minimization.
  • Legal consulting on arbitrage representation, support of necessary corporate procedures, development and legal support of the company’s contracting policy, alignment of constituent and internal documents with the legislation, development of local operational regulations, consultations on other legal issues.
  • Transaction support consulting: Due Diligence, feasibility study and market value assessment for business, shares, stocks acquisition.
  • Management consulting on the following issues: identification of business policy weaknesses, strategic planning, generation of the most harmonious organizational structure and corporate governance system, HR audit, business process re-engineering, information systems and technologies, transportation and warehousing logistics, marketing research.

Law Well’s clients obtain competitive advantage and improve short- and long-term profitability of their business.