Real Estate

Law Well offers consulting and legal services for real estate transactions support. Law Well’s real estate experts will review legal titles to properties, check possible risks, execute agreements, appendices thereto, and other documents required to effect and register the transactions, and advise clients on any issues that might arise.

Real estate transaction support includes:

  • expert review of information on the real estate property and parties to the proposed transaction,
  • Due Diligence performance;
  • analysis of initial documentation completeness and contents, as well as analysis of the subject matter of proposed transaction in terms of compliance with the current legislation;
  • analysis of the proposed transaction in terms of its alignment with the client’s interests;
  • negotiations with parties’ representatives, transaction terms agreement;
  • execution of preliminary contract;
  • execution of master contract and appendices thereto;
  • support of transaction signing and mutual settlements;
  • assistance in changing the legal status of properties;
  • prejudicial and judicial defense of the client’s interests in real estate disputes;
  • legal advice;
  • real estate broker services (if necessary).

Law Well supports the following real estate transactions and actions:

  • sale and purchase;
  • transfer by gift;
  • leasing;
  • exchange;
  • inheritance;
  • privatization of housing and land plots;
  • liens, disposal prohibitions;
  • encumbrance and disencumbrance;
  • easement recognition and establishment;
  • cadastral registration;
  • other situation.

Law Well’s real estate transaction support services are intended to safeguard our clients from unscrupulous contracting agents, tax risks, adverse legal consequences, in particular from transactions declared void.