Legal Services

Law Well’s team of skilled legal attorneys specializing in various areas of law provide comprehensive legal protection of private and corporate clients’ rights and multifaceted legal assistance minimizing business risks.

Key services:

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  • Litigation support and representation in courts of all jurisdictions:
    • preparation and sending of letters before action,
    • perusal of existing case papers,
    • expert review of documents,
    • legal stance preparation,
    • evidentiary basis gathering,
    • collection of information about the opposing party in a legal conflict,
    • prospects analysis, development of case tactics and strategy taking into account the existing court practice,
    • generation, composition, and submission of statement of case to court,
    • participation in court hearing at all stages of the legal proceedings,
    • receipt of court rulings and execution writs,
    • participation in enforcement proceedings.
  • Legal support of transactions:
    • analysis of documents and possible legal risks,
    • check of legal title to the transaction object,
    • guarantee of third-party claims absence,
    • generation of documents registering preliminary agreement of the parties,
    • preparation of documents executing the transaction,
    • legal review of documents provided by contracting agents,
    • negotiation of legal issues with contracting agents,
    • development of secure mutual settlements mechanism for the transaction,
    • preparation and submission of documentation package for the transaction registration.
  • Documents review in terms of compliance with the current legislation provisions, legal risks and implications. Analysis of disputes between business entities.

Law Well attorneys possessing a tremendous experience and impeccable track record are guided by the principles of legitimacy, confidentiality, professionalism, due care, and priority of the client’s interests. Law Well legal company is first and foremost a team of experts possessing vast intellectual capital, which makes all solutions offered by Law Well legitimate and effective.