Law Well offers a comprehensive range of business restructuring services aimed at the following objectives:

  • stabilization of the company’s position,
  • safeguarding of assets,
  • control of internal and external financial flows,
  • assurance of ability to perform assumed obligations,
  • solvency enhancement,
  • investment attractiveness enhancement,
  • perfomance improvement in the existing circumstances.

Business restructuring is one of Law Well’s key practices. We implement restructuring projects of any complexity level in the following areas:

  • Company restructuring and financial recovery. Law Well’s financial regulation and asset management experts develop and implement models for anti-crisis strategy, reorganization, optimization of tax burden, corporate structure, business processes, production, financial and investment activities, and the company’s legal status, liquidity enhancement.
  • Debt restructuring: debt transfer, cession, assistance in loan contract revision on terms beneficial for the client, feasible debt burden assessment, anti-collector services, out-of-court and court settlement of debt, penal sanctions minimization, negotiations with creditors/debtors, collectors, state authorities, any kinds of interactions on behalf of the client.
  • Pre-sale preparation of business, purchase and sale transaction support.
  • Distressed assets resolution: distressed/non-core assets and areas identification and detailed planning of closing process, preventing allocation of resources on low-priority projects.
  • Support of insolvency (bankruptcy) and liquidation procedures. If reconstitution of the company’s operations and financial activities turns out to be impossible, Law Well’s specialists will develop termination options by means of bankruptcy or liquidation procedures initiation and implementation with maximum profit for the client and protection from aggressive actions on the part of creditors.

Law Well experts will provide our clients with competent professional assistance in adapting to the dynamic external environment, help to stabilize their business, improve its financial viability and manageability.